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Because legacy is more than the stuff we leave behind, it is the impact we have along the way.

1:1 coaching


Is it for You?

Are you feeling stuck and uncertain about your life's direction?

Do you envision a future beyond your current circumstances and yearn for personal growth?

Are you a growth-minded individual or solopreneur, eager to move forward in life?

Do you believe that there is more out there for you, but you don't know where to start?

Are you aged 35 or above and ready to embrace positive change and live your best life?


    About Me

    I’m a bit cheeky and I love a good laugh. I’m an optimist and I believe there is a solution to every problem, it just has to be found. Nothing is insurmountable.

    Becoming a coach, for me, was to provide for others what I never had. Someone to broaden my awareness, shorten the learning curve, and be on my side with no other motive except to see me succeed solely because it was my choice, my decision to do so.

    Why You Need To Work With Me?

    Personalized Guidance

    Receive personalized support to uncover possibilities and achieve your goals with a strategic plan tailored to your needs.

    Break Through Stagnation

    Overcome stagnation and uncertainty with a coach who helps you discover the steps to reach your true potential.

    Your Success is My Priority

    With coaching focused solely on your growth, I work to understand your heart's desires and create a path for success.

    Empowering Transformation

    Experience growth without feeling overwhelmed; I'll be your cheerleader and sounding board throughout the process.

    Unlock Your Potential

    Get unstuck and embrace your destiny; coaching provides the guidance to realize your aspirations.

    Embrace Positive Change

    Together, we'll push boundaries and set you up for success on your journey of personal development.


    My Services

    1:1 Sessions

    The most effective way to reach your growth is to work with me individually. You will be guided and mentored every step of the way throughout the transformation process in a way that designed around you and your specific needs.

    Solopreneur Support

    Owning your own small business is not easy, especially alone. I know, I’ve been there. Working with me you’ll have that silent partner with whom you can shape your current business and grow it into the future.

    Small Group Sessions

    Growing within a group is magical. Learning from others, having their perspectives and a safe space to bring your challenges knowing that everyone there wants to help you become the best version of you catapults you on your own journey. You grow by helping others grow. It’s amazing!

    reach your personal goal

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    4000+ Happy Clients

    Words from my Clients

    One of the things that kept me going back to Liz was her ability to push me to think about things differently; providing a different perspective every time I reached a road block -- this was truly remarkable. During my sessions I felt that Liz was able to hear and understand what I was saying, process it, and come up with good ways to move forward.  I liked that every week Liz was able to start where we left of from the week before; this continuity of service was important to me. Often times, when I wandered or strayed with my thoughts, Liz was able to keep me on track and productive. We never got “lost” in the minutia. Liz was prompt, communicative, and flexible - therefore she was a pleasure to work with.  There were times in my job would have an emergency and I would have to reschedule; this flexibility was paramount to our success. Working virtually during the time of COVID-19 was not an issue during our sessions because Liz was warm, welcoming, empathetic and understanding. I would highly recommend working with Liz if you are considering getting a life coach.

    Lola Bunny

    Liz Cresci has been a motivating and encouraging coach as I explore my future career change. Throughout our sessions, Liz has been professional and courteous. I've felt comfortable sharing my thoughts and stumbling blocks with her; she has a grounding presence.  Liz always finds a way to continue the conversation and is able to prompt continuing and realistic goals.  She's raised questions or made comments that have stimulated new avenues of thought for me to explore.  She has also been able to sense my enthusiasm for specific ideas and bring my attention more closely to them so I can further evaluate what is bringing me that energy.   I'm grateful that I have had the opportunity to start this journey with Liz, and I look forward to our continued work together.

    Farah Masani

    I loved working with Liz and having her as my life coach. I experienced clarity during each session that I worked with her as she helped me create and break down my goals into palatable steps so that I would take action. Not only did she provide a space for me to process and verbalize thoughts and ideas, she offered encouragement. Liz is enthusiastic and passionate about helping others and is also very skilled at leading you to draw your own conclusions, which is so helpful when you are exploring your current reality.

    I was able to experience tangible growth in my personal life & business and I believe that’s a reflection of Liz and her ability to meet me where I was as well as come from a place of empathy—two important qualities for a coach to possess. I would recommend Liz as a coach in a heartbeat and always look forward to working with her! 

    Janice, 36, Southern California

    Coaching with Liz Cresci was really helpful. Through the entire process I felt calm and supported. Liz has a way of holding space for me to express what I was feeling, and then allowing me to dig deeper into the whys of what I was feeling.

    I had several A-ha moments with Liz, as I was trying to figure out what was holding me back and why I often self-sabotage. She encouraged me to recall times when I did succeed so I could tap into that at the times when I feel like I am failing. Liz gave me tools to use for going forward, and even better than that I know I have someone I can reach out to if I need help with another issue or roadblock.

    I enjoyed my sessions with Liz and would recommend her to a friend anytime.

    Nancy Sawyer

    Liz started coaching me when I was in a really bad place in my life. I didn't recognize myself, I was angry, impatient and I felt like the world was closing on me. Liz is like a star in the dark sky, she was there listening, motivating but also very straightforward and honest she never pushed me to do, more than that she was helping me to see there is another way.

    I can say that 2 months later I started 2021 with a different mindset and perspective. I am finally getting myself back and growing!

    Thanks Liz for recognizing what I needed and being there!

    Sapir Weizman

    Liz has been a supportive ally and accountability coach in the battle against my “monkey” mind.  For quite some time, I’d been longing for a career change but numerous obstacles had me stuck. She has helped me recognize my worth and gain clarity on the values I hold dear.  Liz is a non-judgemental, sharp listener and has a gift of summarizing back to you in a way that resonates.  In just a few sessions, I’ve implemented the strategies we’ve discussed and it’s exciting to feel genuine progress! If you’re serious about implementing change, Liz will help clear the fog and get you on your way!

    Wendy Rauch, Fairfield, CT

    Liz was very knowledgeable and such a wealth of information.  She guides without pushing or being overbearing.  She allows you to learn and realize who you are and what you need to be successful

    Annette Alegret

    Liz is a fantastic coach who offers very specific actionable advice and support in her coaching sessions.
    I found my sessions to be of such great benefit. Liz offered up some great ideas that I would never have thought of myself. And gave me something to work.
    Liz has such an amazing manner and made feel at ease from the get go.
    Liz made me feel like I had her full attention and i could tell that Liz had really thought about what we would cover off before each session.
    I would recommend Liz to anyone looking for coaching advice and support to help get their business up and running. And make it stand out from the crowd.
    Liz certainly stands out from yeh crowd

    Angela Chistodoulou

    Liz is able to formulate questions and scenarios that force you into truly thinking about a meaningful, developed response. Rather than listing out possible answers to the issue at hand, she helps you explore those possibilities yourself, creating a much more powerful connection to the conversation.

    Dan Bowles

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